Stacey Boehman Coaching

Love working with life coaches? Stacey Boehman Coaching wants to hire YOU.

We are hiring a full-time, virtual position at Stacey Boehman Coaching, located in Louisville, KY. This is a salaried position with a health insurance stipend and 3 weeks vacation. The expectation is for 40hrs over 5 days a week, with some special exceptions for launches and events.

As the 2k for 2k Program Manager, you will be responsible for creating, updating, implementing, and management of our foundational 2k for 2k program. Your deepest desire is to be concise, efficient, and attentive to all details. Being tactical is your superpower. You have the honor and privilege of cultivating success in our students who come from all different coaching backgrounds. This position gives you the opportunity to deploy your organizational, management, and customer success skills.

At Stacey Boehman Coaching we help Life Coaches Make Money. A lot of it.

We help them market, sell, and SERVE to create the business of their dreams.

We are an eight-figure business that is growing FAST and in high demand.

The 2k for 2k Program Manager position might be right for you if...

- You are organized, nothing slips through the cracks. You are able to keep multiple plates spinning without any of them falling.

- You are a quick learner (only have to be told things once) and can implement quickly.

- You are super resourceful.

- You tend to get a little anxious about getting things right, but you don’t become a completely dysfunctional mess with failure and feedback.

- You are NOT a procrastinator. You are quite the opposite. You think way ahead for everything.

- You are responsive (respond quickly that you have taken the assignment/communication)

- You deeply want your work to MATTER. You want to make a difference. You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

- You are assertive. You get things done and you are not intimidated to advocate for what you need.

- You are on east coast time or willing to work those hours.

- You can anticipate what is needed.

- You can follow processes and procedures and create new ones for all tasks that do not have one.

- You have the flexibility and are available to work occasional evenings/weekends for travel days and for events held throughout the year.

- You are an excellent communicator. Written and verbal.

- You are great at learning through instructional videos and trial and error. You have lots of patience.

- You execute without micromanagement.

- You have 2-4 years of project management experience (coaching industry a plus). 

- You are willing to learn the processes necessary to step in throughout the organization as needed.

- You are able to create and follow an intentional calendar

- You enjoy creating and cultivating relationships - with teammates, vendors, customers, etc

These will be the results you will be accountable for…

- Accept new students to 2k for 2k FB group

- Coordinate stock and reprints of workbooks with printers

- Create new buttons and pages for new assets in the 2k for 2k member portal

- Download, edit as needed, and upload all call replays to the member portal and internal podcast

- Draft and schedule LIVE Coaching call reminders

- Draft update emails and FB posts for 2k for 2k students

- Ensure all promo customers get materials in a timely manner

- Manage and ensure accessibility of 2k for 2k member portal to all 2k for 2k students

- Manage privacy settings for 2k for 2k assets on the member portal - videos, pdfs, images, links

- Optimize 2k worksheets for e-fill and save

- Review and process refund requests for 2k for 2k students

- Schedule and coordinate LIVE coaching instructors

- Facilitate testing calls with Instructors to ensure accessibility and that standards are met

- Tech support for LIVE Coaching calls

- Update 2k for 2k calendar

- Update 2ksupport@ OOO for holidays

- Update AAC page for holidays

- Update and categorize 2k for 2k testimonial docs (and ask for permission to use as needed)

- Update customer service email templates for 2k for 2k

- Moderate and manage FB group

- Update recently coached list for LIVE coaching instructors

- Edit and review all new assets for 2k for 2k students before sending them over to designer

- Customer support for all 2k for 2k students

- Work with Client Support Coaches (AAC) as liaisons with students

- Create and update written and video processes as they evolve

- Attend mandatory weekly virtual team meetings

- Attend quarterly team in-person meetings (all transportation and meals are covered by the company)

Do you align with these core values?

Work hard, play hard. At Stacey Boehman Coaching we believe in a blue-collar work ethic, doing whatever it takes to get it done at a high level, but we also LOVE having maximum fun when we’re off. We ENJOY our lives. And we approach our work RESTED.

Striving for excellence. Even when Stacey was serving tables, she wanted to be the BEST. She wanted to serve the clientele at her highest. Nothing she does is half-thought-out or half executed and the same is expected from our entire team.

Heart of service. At the end of the day, our clients are paying for courses and coaching with money that is VALUABLE to them and an important part of their life. We take this seriously. We are careful and considerate and go above and beyond what is ever expected. We want our clients to feel like they WON THE LOTTERY. We want to feel that way about our TEAM and we want our team to feel that way about us.

We are either winning or learning. No matter what, we go on.